My name is Clara Curtis, and I was born and raised in good ol' Oklahoma City, OK. I love my hometown for its personality and its people, as well as the ever-changing Cinderella story that it is telling! 
As an illustrator, I strive to communicate what happens in our world by rendering with color and value. I graduated the Savannah College of Art and Design in Savannah, GA with a BFA in Illustration. There I learned how to effectively communicate with imagery; the experience opened my eyes to new methods of doing so. It was there that I discovered and fell in love with scratchboard. I love the "sculpting" feel that it gives me, as well as the life that it can breathe into work.  
I love illustrating animals, machines, trees, you name it! I love to give my work life with realism and personality through the use of careful rendering and color choice. 
Thank you very much for paying me a visit!

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